March 27, 2017

Changemaker Training Programs


6 Months




One-One Customized Training 

1 * 4 Hour Workshop

13 Biweekly  Sessions

Templates And Materials

Unlimited Email Support


$3,997 + GST


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It's Time To Share Your Vision With The World

Our customized launch course will teach you how to develop and implement a strategic inbound marketing and sales strategy that ties directly to your organization's revenue goals and business objectives. You will also learn how to choose appropriate marketing software and develop an effective implementation plan that works with your budget and resources.

This is ideal for you if:

You have started an organization but do not currently have a clearly defined and strategic marketing and business development plan in place to support your organization's growth.

You have a million different directions that you can take your organization in and you need to assess all of the options, ditch the terrible ideas, and create a strategic plan with what's left over.

You are motivated and skilled but you need to further education around marketing and sales particularly in an online environment.

You have developed your product or service and are ready to launch but you are not sure how to find your ideal target audience and effectively communicate your offering to them.

You need to build a marketing and sales strategy but are struggling to stay motivated and accountable to yourself.

You will Achieve: 

You will learn how to develop a data-driven, goal-oriented marketing and sales system that is designed to bring in new qualified leads, nurture them, close them, and retain them.

You will learn how to develop a clear Vision, Mission, and Values and align your life goals with your organizational goals and structure.

You will learn how to effectively communicate your passion to your target audience.

You will develop an implementation plan that is in line with your unique skill set, budget, and strategy.

You will learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing and how to find the right technology to help you automate your inbound marketing strategy.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Define Your Story
Develop Your Plan
Build Your Community